Patient Testimonial

It's always good to see professionals good at what they do. Whether it's Keith Richards still rolling out classic riffs or Starling Marte stealing second base. That's what's happening at this office. People doing a good job - naturally. From the initial scheduling to the personal follow-up phone call from Dr. Friend, the whole experience was top-notch. Nobody likes having their teeth pulled. And we don't do it enough where we are ever comfortable with it. It's the unknown that scares us. But Dr. Friend and the staff explained everything that was going to happen before and during the procedure. It's never enjoyable, but there was a genuine, honest care about my well-being that I'm not used to seeing in a medical office. The entire staff just "clicked" and made it as easy as possible. It wasn't an accident, either. These people are true professionals - good at what they do. Rock on!

- anthony r

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